This past summer, I worked at USAA as a Creative Design intern. It was an incredibly valuable experience because I learned so much both about UX and myself. I worked on a fully agile design team in the financial investing division; my co-intern and I were given a portion of the main team’s project that no one had yet tackled. We were expected to take an outdated, incredibly complex task flow and turn it to a new, responsive format for both web and mobile, and make sure that the flow would be friendly for both novice users and those who were experts with the old, complicated way. The two of us were able to take the project from initial decision mapping to whiteboarding, to low-fidelity wireframes and a round of user testing, and finally left our team with several high-fidelity designs for both mobile and web. I am very satisfied with what we were able to accomplish in ten short weeks, especially considering we also worked on an extensive intern project that gave us additional behavioral design training in the realm of financial security.

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